Welcome to Tres J

Tres J is a community centered around statement jewelry with a point of view beyond the superficial. Built upon foundations of a new-luxury which creates impactful conversation, newness and evolution one which is ageless and enduring. It satisfies a craving for personality which is genuinely personal.
Designed in Hong Kong.
Customizable gems coming soon.

Redefining Expectations

Rewriting Luxury

Reimagining Timeless and Contemporary

The 'OG' Collection

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New-Age Heirloom

Tres J designs are traditional in its materiality yet new in its composition and message. It's frivolity, levity and playfulness with substance. Honoring traditional, timeless craftsmanship while layering cultural references and contemporary ornamentation and 'baroqueness'. Tres J is luxury which goes beyond the price tag.

Connected Community

Telling the stories of the Tres J community, from the craftsman who build the pieces, to the people who wear them, Tres J is a connector. A common thread and a conversation piece which unites across continents. Each collection narrates these stories, continuing to evolve without compromising on ideals.

Uncommon Realities

Extraordinary in the ordinary. An everyday treasure and a common rarity. Its unexpectedness which lends itself to everything from the stories told, to the aesthetic sensibilities and combinations. Combining familiar ways which are highly nuanced yet bold, sophisticated yet playful and witty yet substantial.